How can I collaborate
with Som Riures?

As an individual

  • By making a donation

    The donation donates right to gaudir dels avantatges that the Solidarity Card offers to the associated clinics.

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As a company

  • Agreement

    Signing an agreement with Som Riures.

  • Voluntary donation

    You can make a voluntary donation to the Solidary Odontology Program  (the staff, partners o individuals who sign the agreement can enjoy the advantages of the Solidary Card for free). The card allows you to enjoy 7 free treatments and 185 subsidised ones.
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  • Communicating

    Taking part in the communication of preventive actions among the workers in a Company via a Prevention Plan.

What if I am
a Social Entity?

  • Refering patients

    Patients without economic resources can be refered to the Solidary Odontology Program when they need attention for their dental treatments which are not covered by the public health system.

What if I am a
social or sports club,
an entity or a school?

  • Taking part in the communication of preventive actions offered by the clinics associated with Som Riures in the frame of social compromise in the community

    Oral health prevention in sports people’s  performance.

    Oral health prevention for the elderly.

    Oral health prevention in children.

    Oral health prevention in people with physical, psychological or sensory disability. 

    Theatre activity Super Super Net

    Questions about prevention for parents.