What is
Som Riures?

Som Riures is a charity set up by professionals from different sectors with the aim of giving dental assistance to low income people. Besides, it carries out a remarkable task at spreading oral health among society and promotes Corporate Social Responsibility within dentistry professionals.

*Association registered in the G.D. of Legal Entities of the Generalitat de Catalunya


Treated Patients
536 adults and 702 children






Preventive actions carried out

What we do
and how we work

We focus on two lines of work:

  • Solidary Dentistry

    We give dental assistance to people without economic resources through associated clinics inside their Social Corporate Responsibility frame.

  • Communication and Prevention

    We carry out a communication and prevention task in our closest environment.  These actions channel the clinics’ willingness to help their community

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What people
say about us

From the THC we want to thank Som Riures for all their assistance in the oral health area for the people with little economic resources. They have contributed unselfishly to improve people’s oral health.

Thanks very much to Som Riures for accepting the proposal form The Red Cross to perform the treatment I needed since if it hadn’t been for their willingness and hard work, I would still need it.

I would like to encourage  Som Riures to continue working in oral health assistance for people with little economic resources. By doing so, they contribute to improve both their life quality and health.

From Som Riures I’d like to outline the collaboration with different public entities to make sure everyone has access to quality and affordable dental care. 

As a Member and Director at Rius Consultants, a company with strong social compromise, I would like to thank Som Riures their communication task and oral health prevention in the benefit of the community.

Every time I’ve visited Som Riures, the attention I’ve received from the staff has been outstanding. They have been extraordinarily friendly and have always made me feel at ease. I’d just ask them not to lose their enthusiasm.

I would like to thank Som Riures for their communication through the talks given to the parents and to encourage them to carry on with this task since it is extremely important that parents promote oral health and prevention among their children.

I had been suffering from a terrible toothache and I got rid of it thanks to them. Besides, they did it all with friendly words and with a smile. Congratulations on your clinic and the great staff working there.

I would like to encourage Som Riures to carry on with their activity “the Dentist, My Friend” which is very welcome among teachers inside the Council Guide of Educational Activities. This helps the children to familiarise themselves with a dental clinic. 

I’m Pau Ramos’ grandfather and I’m very happy because after many visits my grandson never complains and leaves the centre feeling happy! The attention supplied is unbeatable and they always show affection to their patients.

I’m very grateful for the treatment and attention given by the professionals at Som Riures to my children Ayman, Oussana and Yasmine. Without their help, we could have never solved the problem in their teeth

Nowadays, having access to the public dental care in the public health system is extremely complicated even if you have little economic resources. However, with Som Riures it has been possible. This entity in coordination with the Social Services and volunteers has facilitated this attention very efficiently.

Due to a lack of resources, I met Som Riures with my teeth in very poor condition. Despite being referred by the Social Service I was given the treatment I needed with the best service and attention.

Thanks to Som Riures, my son Gerard doesn’t feel any pain in his mouth any more and can smile again. The attention and affection shown by the professionals are absolutely priceless for him.



  • Free Treatments

    It allows you to enjoy discounted treatments.
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  • Dental assistance

    It helps subsidise dental assistance to groups of people without economic resources derived from social help entities.

  • Workers recieve the card

    When a Company or entity signs a collaboration agreement with Som Riures, their staff receives a card and they can enjoy the benefits.

Letter from the President

From Som Riures we want to send a message of solidarity. Since our purpose is promoting Corporate Social Responsibility to make dental services accesible to all those people who, for diferent reasons, do not have access. We do so by collaboration agreements with entities working with the most disadvantaged social groups and refer patients to our associated clinics. We want to send a solidarity message.

The material cost is subsidised by the purchase of Solidary Cards by individuals and companies while the working hours are paid by the associated clinic in the frame of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

A total of 1.238 patients, of which 702 are children, and 12.850  treatmetns have been performed until December 2022.

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